Small Group Walks

30 minutes - 90 minutes

Does your dog love being part of the pack? Do they enjoy an adventure? Why not get in touch for more information about our small group walks, which can be a fantastic way to socialise, stimulate and even retrain your fur baby. Our group walks (max 5 dogs) take us to a variety of interesting locations, where your pooches can enjoy freedom, fun and frolics in the safest of hands.

From woodland rambles, splashing at the lake, mammoth ball games or a gentle stroll, we have something to suit all ages and mobilities. We also offer a variety of durations and time slots, to best suit your needs.

Solo Walks

30 minutes or 1 hour 

Does your pooch prefer the quiet life? Perhaps they would benefit from some one on one time?

If this sounds familiar, or you are struggling with on-lead behaviour, road safety or manners in general, our solo walks are just the ticket, we offer varied durations, and visit all their favorite places.

If a relaxing stroll and plenty of cuddles fits the bill, then please get in touch.

Doggy daycare 'with a difference'

Half day = 4 hours/ Full day = 7.5 hours (a collection charge may apply)

Does your fur baby needs a lot of attention, do you worry about them when you are not there? Do you own a working breed, where one walk is just not enough?

Perhaps you have a new puppy, who needs regular toilet breaks, or maybe there has been a change to your working hours.

If so, we offer the perfect solution, which includes a collection/drop off service, providing your pooch with a good balance of exercise and stimulation, adventure and relaxation, and human and canine company in abundance.

They will visit lots of new places and pick up lots of new scents, whilst making friends for life and becoming a fully fledged member of the pack.

Comfort Visits

Do you have a new addition? Are they still awaiting their final vaccinations? Is your dog recovering from an operation, or are they only able to make it to the garden? We will be happy to pop in and play, feed and entertain your dog, cat or small furry to make sure that they have plenty of stimulation, whilst you are away. We offer short pop-in visits, half or full days. Please get in touch to find out more.

Pet Taxi

Minimum 1 hour

Does your pooch have an important appointment with the groomer or vet? Are you struggling to get them there?

No need to worry, we can help you get them there safely and on time, with our door to door service.

So why not get in touch and let us take care of it.

Training Services

1 hour and up 

Is your new puppy anxious? Are you faced with some issues that you maybe didn't expect? Do you have an older dog who is displaying less than pleasing behavior? We can help! 

We will visit you at home to fully understand your concerns, assess your pooches behaviour, and most importantly any human behavior, that may be a contributing factor. Following this we will provide a step by step plan, which will outline the support to be provided by us, the duration and the price of the service and exercises for you to work on, in between sessions.

We offer support with on-lead behaviour, recall, puppy training and general obedience, as well as training working breeds to the whistle.

Help is at hand - give us a call!