Meet The Team


Hi there, I'm Kelly and I am the founder and owner of WagnBone Adventures, and I have always been bonkers about animals. As a child I owned rabbits, mice, hamsters, horses, even the odd newt or two, but my parents would not stretch to me having a pooch - which only made me more determined. Since then my husband and I have cared for our beloved Jasper, who was a poundie and our handsome boy Milo, who is an 11-year-old Labrador. We also foster pooches of all shapes and sizes.

My early career was spent in the financial services sector, followed by 14 years fulfilling senior customer management roles, within the utilities and construction industries. Although I enjoyed these roles, I always felt like I was somehow on the wrong path, and spent many years volunteering for animal charities. A set of circumstances, some time ago, forced me to re-evaluate my ambitions, passions and work-life balance - thus WagnBone Adventures was born.

I would love to say that it's all been a walk in the park (pardon the pun) and that it's the easiest job in the world, but that would be untrue. Many tears have been shed, we have laughed like crazy, had many sleepless nights and I have organised a team from my hospital bed - it really has been a labour of love.

So, would I say that it is the easiest job in the world, absolutely not! Would I say it's the best job in the world, without a doubt! #teamtink


I have spent my life surrounded by animals, we always had pets at home when I was growing up, and my love for all animals began there. Since then I have never been without pets, I have rescued all kinds of animals, giant African land snails, rats, hamsters, cats, ducks, dogs and even a baby rabbit. I have owned GSD's, collies and terriers, currently my partner and I have a rescue greyhound. I also volunteer at a pig sanctuary. Following my nursing career, I knew that my next role had to be with animals. I get to spend my days with wonderful fur babies, outside in the fresh air, it’s often wet, cold and muddy but I wouldn’t swap it for the world. All the dogs I work with are wonderful, gorgeous and quirky, and being able to build a lasting bond is fantastic. Best job in the world ever!


I have owned dogs most of my life, and they have come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from JRT’s right the way through to Rottweilers. I am also an advocate for rescue babies and have spent the last 3 years providing emergency foster care for two charities, who specialise in bull breeds. We meet so many wonderful characters and being able to help provide a stimulating, fun, safe and consistent routine, is why I love what I do.

If you follow us on social media, I am usually the one, being taken for a swim, up to the neck in mud or laid on the floor, giving tummy rubs! #teamliss


Following early retirement, I found myself wondering what I should do next. I co-own a 1940s vintage boutique which keeps me busy, but I missed spending time outdoors. I adore dogs and have for many years owned Labradors, Patterdales and WCS. I love to work dogs to the whistle and enjoy the challenge of those who are a little more wayward.

My days are often spent watching the pooches play in a stream, run wild through the woods or enjoying some whistle training (with the owner’s consent, of course). We have a fabulous pack and I get to do what I love most. #teamtez


Hi, I'm Sharon I absolutely love being outdoors, and working with animals is my unrivaled passion. I have a 14 month old old English Bull Terrier called Maggie. Though tenacious, mischievous and stubborn she is my absolute world, and with dedication on both of our parts, we even came second at crufts! Growing up I always had dogs and horses, and following a successful career in the Equine world, I now want to follow what I believe to be my true vocation. 

We all live such incredibly busy lives, and nothing makes me happier than seeing a pooch living their best life. A combination of downtime, cuddles, enrichment, exercise and stimulation, is what we strive for as a team, and I am so glad that I can contribute my knowledge and expertise into making this happen. #teamthepiedpiper


Anybody who knows me would tell you I am dog mad!. They are my passion, along side the great outdoors, playing sport (and food)! Growing up, we were never without a family dog, our longest living until she was 17! When I finished at university I got my own dog, a Border Collie called Alfie, who I adored for his 13 faithful years! I am a volunteer and assessor for The Cinnamon Trust, where we walk dogs for the elderly and terminally ill . I have also been a Volunteer dog walker and fundraiser for Thornberry animal sanctuary., raising almost £3000 over the last 2 years. I have 2 rescue cats, called Tink & Belle, who now live like princesses and have us wrapped around their little paws! ...and yes, I will talk to your dogs as if they are humans and my best friends!